This is only a test…

I’m strongly considering launching a political blog. Because the 2016 election cycle is getting underway and I don’t want half my Facebook friends to unfriend me, I’m going to put political talk somewhere else. Maybe here. In this venue, you have to opt in to read my thoughts.

Sounds like a good idea, I think. I’m normally sharing things on my phone instead of my laptop, but I think I can do anything I want to do using this platform.

Here’s an article I want to share. It discusses how conservatives in Congress want to eliminate the program that reduces the number of abortions and STDs. Guess what? People (including kids) will continue to have sex if you deny them access to birth control. Yes, more girls will become pregnant. Yes, more girls will seek an abortion. Yes, more girls will get something that penicillin can’t cure.

Keep voting for these family values Republicans because you are worried about losing your guns and your jobs to illegal Mexicans, and this is what you’ll get. By the way, six years and Obama hasn’t taken away your guns yet. Oh, and unless you work in a sweatshop factory or pick tomatoes, illegal aliens aren’t going to steal your job. Most legitimate places of employment have to check to make sure you are legal before you can begin a job.

That tomato picking thing is no joke. I once knew someone who employed illegal Mexicans for really low wages to pick his tomatoes. That really happens. Or it did 30 years ago. I’m sure conservative Christians don’t do illegal, unethical things anymore.

Let’s see how this works. Your feedback and comments are welcome. Unless you get nasty, then I’ll delete your comment and block you.


Day 502: December 24, 2014 – the year in review…

Once again, I was reminded of the existence of my blog because of a stray email received when some spammer decided to follow me. These people really need to get a life. Really, if all they have to do is stir the cobwebs on nearly dead blogs like mine…. but since we are here, let’s talk.

2014 began with a fun (but cold) weekend trip to Cleveland to see the Canadian pop group Walk Off The Earth at the House of Blues. They had a hit song in 2013 called “Red Hands” which I absolutely LOVED and still do. Here is a video shot by someone standing about twenty feet behind me.

The next big show I saw was Crosby, Stills, and Nash for my birthday. Here’s a video of “Southern Cross” that someone shot from the balcony of the Palace Theatre that night.”

Then I went on to see Bruce Springsteen, Journey, The Gin Blossoms, Mavis Staples, Rodney Crowell, Joe Ely, The Kings (in Chicago), Suzy Bogguss (in the rain in Madison Square Park in NYC), O.A.R., and a ton of stars for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s concert honoring the Everly Brothers, which brought me back to Cleveland for the final concert of the year. Full circle, if you will.

I’ve long known that I needed a wider circle of friends, and this year I decided to do something about that. I joined some new groups on and found a group that I fit into very well. I’ve made some really good friends this year and had some really cool experiences.

I shot thousands of photos this year. I installed Lightroom to help manage them. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on photos sometime in the next few weeks. But I’m not promising anything.

Lots of yoga…. I found some awesome yoga teachers, and have a membership in one studio, but frequently visit two others because I like the teachers. Outdoor yoga was SO awesome this summer! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up again! I want to do yoga on Amy’s platform and in the parks with POGA again.

All in all, my life has changed dramatically during the year, and I wasn’t happy with all the changes, but I’ve made the most of them. You would never believe that I have Asperger’s, because I’ve learned to embrace uncertainty and to enjoy spending time alone. It’s been an interesting ride. I feel new energy coming into my life… so I believe something really good is about to happen. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for me!

Thanks to my six viewers for reading my blog! (Just kidding! I’m sure there’s more than six of you. At least eight.) Maybe, I’ll be back to post more someday. Til then, namaste.

Day 373: August 17, 2014 – the “Summer of Me 2014” tour continues…

I forgot about my blog… but stumbled upon it by accident today, so I thought I’d reflect on how far I’ve journeyed since my last post on January 6. On that day just over 8 months ago, I was happily in a relationship that was over but I didn’t know it yet. I was declaring 2014 to finally be the year I came into my own. The year that I would figure out who I am and what having Asperger’s means and where I want to go in life. And you know what? In spite of the break up that happened in April, possibly BECAUSE of the breakup, I executed my plan flawlessly. I did exactly what I was intending to do back in January. Just with a rockier start than I imagined.

I joined a few new social groups on and found a new and wonderful group of friends to add to my circle. I celebrated my first Pride Festival by marching with my church in the parade, and ran into an acquaintance who I eventually reconnected with at Comfest who turned me on to meditation. He and his friends have been wonderful additions to my circle. Also, I got serious about my yoga practice and found a new place to practice, with the best yoga teacher in Columbus, adding more great friends to my circle.

What a great summer! The “Summer of Me” that I tried to experience every summer since 2012. I finally got out of my own way and discovered how to live my life. It’s been a great summer! I’m thinking about printing up a tour shirt with all the stops listed on the back: Columbus OH, Little Rock AR, Monticello AR,¬†Cleveland OH, Chicago IL, Schaumburg IL, Kenosha WI, Marysville OH…. and likely there will be stops added before the summer winds down (NYC, and a second tour of Chicago and Schaumburg…)

Was it the summer I imagined for myself back in January? Yeah, it was. I used my resources to broaden my social circle just like I planned. I didn’t expect to do summer alone, but as it turns out, I’m not really alone. I have wonderful friends that are taking the time to get to know me, and are just as supportive and invested in me than anyone I’ve had in my life as a “significant other” in recent years, so what can I say?

One day, I’ll find the person I’m meant to be with. Searching for “her” hasn’t produced the right match for me yet. So I’ve decided to stop looking and let the Universe work its magic when it feels the time is right. She’s out there…. I know she is… she is on her way. She just hasn’t found me yet. Until she does, I’m shooting photographs, meeting new people, traveling, enjoying more concerts this year than I’ve seen ever before, and positioning myself for great things to happen.

So, there’s my check-in on the blog. How often will I do this? Not sure… I originally started this as a “thankfulness” blog, because I needed some help finding things to be thankful for a year ago. Today, I’m swimming in things to be thankful for. So I notice them everywhere I look. So, I’m not sure what the future holds for the blog, but if you are a real person who followed me when I was publishing my thankful thoughts (as opposed to someone who followed me simply because you were trying to generate page views for your “how to make money off WordPress” crap) then I thank you for keeping up with me. As always, I live my life on Facebook, just not as much as I used to, because I’m actually living my life. I am proud of the things I’ve accomplished in a short amount of time and hope the next post you see here will be filled with equally good news!

Namaste everyone!

Day 149: January 6, 2014 – Planning ahead

I learned a lot of things about myself last year. About Asperger’s. About relationships. About photography. Lots of things. 2014 is the year to take what I’ve learned, and make my world a better place. Not just for me, but for all the others who spend time in it.

One of the first steps outs to manage my time better. I spent a lot of time the last couple of months getting rid of things I don’t need. In June, I moved to a smaller place, and my stuff now fits in the space. Without ask the junk I was carrying around, it’s now easier to find things when I need them. This is making my life easier, and I’m catching up on things I’ve been putting off for easy too long.

Today was my second victory…. on a super cold day like this, in the past, I would have taken a vacation day And stayed home. Then in the late summer, when something fun comes up, I wouldn’t be able to do it, because I’d be out of time. I promised myself this year would be different, and today I came in. Summer, you’d better have some fun stuff waiting for me!!

Day 120-123: December 8-11, 2013- plans are changing

I’m thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to share with all of you the things that I’ve been thankful for during the last four months… but I think I’m going to post less frequently or maybe not at all our maybe only when I need to for a while. It’s not that I’ve run out of things to be thankful for….. quite the contrary. My life is full of things that bring me joy. I just need more time to focus on those things. And I need more time to work on some new creative ventures. So until I figure it out, thanks for following me and stay tuned!